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Gas bottles have finally evolved

Safety is not just important, it's paramount.
For both domestic and commercial use. If you are a single bottle user or running a company that employs many costly and numerous exchange gas bottles for whatever reason: industrycaravans, catering, boats, campers, or mobile homes, then the potential for offering the latest cost-efficient and safe gas storage cylinders is clear.

Why wait for legislation? Be the first to offer the best, save a fortune and better still, be ahead of the rest.

Save s
Rather than exchanging your propane or butane  gas bottle, the savings both for commercial and private use when refilling or topping up can be enormous, especially if you have your own use or retail LPG supply tank, and in any event, the more you use the more you save.

There are now over 1200 retail suppliers of LPG, both from garage forecourts and smaller establishments.

List of Filling Stations UK & Ireland.

If you own a larger vehicle that cannot easily pull up to a pump (especially American-style motor homes), or a boat (because there are not too many filling stations on the waterways), then there is the extra option of removal of the cylinder for filling.
The future today


LPG refillable cylinders

Just like your regular propane-butane gas bottles, though not only refillable, but complete with contents gauge, 80% overfill cut-off protection, over-pressure release valve, plus the assurance of EU/R67/01 type approval.

The same high level safety standards as required of LPG automotive conversions.

Shown here is our most popular cylinder which is equivalent to a 10.5 kilo cylinder

As well as the 10.5 Kilo bottle we also have the 14 kilo bottle, this will hold 50% more gas and fit into the same area as the 10.5 kilo bottle

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