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How much does it cost?

Typically a 6 kilo. exchange bottle in the UK costs in excess of £10.00, and holds approximately 10 Litres of gas, thus a fill up from empty at our pump price of 52ppl means that you can fill up for approx. half the normal cost. Most other pump prices around the country range from 45ppl to 58ppl, and don't forget also that these pump prices include road duty and extra VAT, so if you have your own supply of LPG it can be as little as 32ppl. 

We have found that a 10.5 kilo. bottle typically costs from 12.00 to 18.00 to exchange, and as it holds approx 21 litres of gas, it can be filled up for under 8.00.

Most gas bottles are exchanged well before they are empty either because you don't know how much gas is left or you are not sure there is enough for your usage, for sure there is nothing worse than running out of gas half way through your barbeque.

LPG Stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas and is the corrected mix of Butane & Propane relevant to the time of year and supply, (Due temperature changes)  and therefore is correct in most cases for both Propane and Butane equipment.
You Know it makes sense

The savings can be enormous!
Here you can see that 51+ litres of LPG, as supplied to a larger tank, still costs under 20.00, that's enough to fill up five 6 kilo. bottles.

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