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Order your  Refillable Gas bottle

10.5 kilo bottle

10.5 Kilos is approximately 21 litres of gas

  • Price £POA
  • Weight (empty) Approx 20KG
  • Height 560mm
  • Diameter 310mm
  • Capacity 21 Litres of usable LPG


14.4 kilo bottle

14 Kilos is approximately 28 litres of gas

  • Price £POA
  • Weight (empty) Approx. 20KG
  • Height 560mm
  • Width 360mm
  • Depth 270mm

Capacity 28 Litres of usable LPG


6 Kilo Yellow Bottle
6 Kilos is approximately 12 litres of gas
(Please note that the handle may vary from the one pictured)

  • Price guide £POA
  • Weight (empty) Approx. 8Kg
  • Height 470mm
  • Diameter 250mm
  • Capacity 10 Litres of usable LPG
  • Supplied with the remote filler kit


11 Kilo Yellow Bottle
11 Kilos is approximately 21.7 litres of gas

  • Price guide £POA
  • Weight (empty) Approx. 11 Kg
  • Height 580mm
  • Diameter 305mm
  • Capacity 17 Litres of usable LPG
  • Supplied with the remote filler kit


Remote filling kit

Contents and specification list

  • Price guide £POA
  • 1.5 meter stainless steel non-kinking, long-lasting hose (25 year warranty).
  • A 90 degree bend to fit tank.
  • Remote filling head, available in black or white.
  • Fixing screws.
  • Mounting bracket.
  • Step-by-step instructions.

Who are is a subsiduary of RPi Engineering ( a local Norfolk business established over 20 years and accredited with many years of LPG conversions to countless hundreds of Land Rovers,  Range Rovers, and other V8 engine equipped vehicles worldwide, pioneering the most recent LPG conversion boom with road going 4wd vehicles.

It was with our vast experience gained in this field, and the fact that we imported the highest quality LPG tanks from Belgium (not the cheapest but by far the best) that we hit on the idea of making refillable LPG available, not only for car owners but for other commercial and domestic users too.

At last you can enjoy the benefits of low cost gas supply, convenient storage, safety standards aligned to automotive use (EUr67-01), and with the added benefits of a content gauge too.
It's what we've all been waiting for!

NB: Pictures on the right are not to same scale.

10.5 Kilo Bottle

 14.5 Kilo Bottle

6 Kilo Bottle

11 Kilo Yellow Bottle

Remote filliing kit

Contact & purchase details
We accept most major credit & charge cards plus PayPal.

RPi Engineering
Wayside Garage, Holt Road, Horsford, Norwich, Norfolk, UK, NR10 3EE

Tel 01603 891209

You can also order direct from our eBay shop eBay delivering trade prices for single item purchase.

For a PDF brochure containing all the information and an order form click here

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