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Commercial catering

The commercial catering trade have been looking for a solution like this for years. Whether you have a chip van, a burger bar, a hog roast or other mobile catering unit, you can start to enjoy the convenience and cost savings immediately. And, as a heavy user of gas, your bottles will pay for themselves in just a few weeks if not days.

As with all our bottles, you can either fill using the remote fill kit on your trailer, or by removing the bottle and filling it removed.

If you own a mobile catering business and operate a few, or a great many trailers, the savings would not only be almost instant, but considerable too, plus no more need to lug those very heavy propane cylinders about.

LPG refillable gas is ideal for commercial catering applications

Convenient, ultra safe and low-cost gas, there's never been a better way to cook on the move.

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