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Outdoor cooking is becoming more and more popular in the UK, especially around summer time, and the range of barbecue equipment is enormous. It's funny though, although barbecues can cost many hundreds of pounds for the larger and more sophisticated styles, most owners still rely on that costly exchange gas bottle, along with all its inconveniences.

Patio Heaters
Yet another increasingly popular device that up to now has relied on expensive exchange bottle gas, yet another reason to own your own refillable bottle.

There is a range of LPG refillable bottles from to suit them all.
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You can almost smell it cooking!

Outdoor cooking can be great fun and now is no longer an expensive luxury. With the convenience of your own refillable gas bottle, it has never been simpler.

Mouth watering for sure, and what's more, when it costs less, it's sure to taste even better.

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