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Are you ready for the revolution?

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Gas bottles have evolved

We all do it
When the gas bottle is low, or worse its contents level is unknown, we exchange it and pay the price for a full one.

This is not only costly, but the exchange bottle we pick up is not new (except perhaps once in ten thousand), so who knows how many budding 'Cozy Powell' amateur hammers have been drumming out tunes on it in the garden shed. Or how many times it has been thrown, dropped, slung or slid during  transportation. Who knows how old or safe it is?

Better then to own your own from new

We all use them
Happily and without questioning we place them in our Campers, Caravans, & Mobile homes, we use them for barbeques, heaters, catering and boats.

Those gas bottles traditionally 
available would nowadays never obtain approval for use if subject to modern automotive standards. So why are they allowed for cooking, camping, catering, and heating etc, and why do they cost so much to exchange?
Are you ready for the revolution?

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